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WPC Wood Flooring KA150K25 A

Rp. 212,800
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23 Sep 2022
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10 Pieces

Specification of WPC Wood Flooring KA150K25 A

WPC Wood Floor WPC Decking KA150K25 A is a type of wood flooring that can be installed outdoors. WPC or called wood panel composite (plastic wood composite), is superior to ordinary wood decking. The superiority of WPC is because WPC is a combination of wood and plastic.

As we know, wood is very susceptible to moisture (water), but on the contrary plastic is very strong against water. Meanwhile, plastic, although waterproof, does not have beautiful motif fibers like wood, and seems cheap. By combining both of these WPC has excess wood and also excess plastic together. WPC looks beautiful because it has wood fiber, but it is also waterproof because it has plastic properties.

Advantages of WPC Decking

  • 100% can be recycled & reproduced
  • Available in various sizes and can be used both inside and outside the home
  • If the WPC panel catches fire, the fire will not burn down the entire panel, but only burns at one point
  • Strong and resistant to impact & abrasion
  • Does not expand / change shape even if placed in a humid place
  • Waterproof and cleaning chemicals in general
  • Resistant to termites, or mold
  • Usually cheaper than wood decking
  • Long lasting / durable so it is suitable for long-term investment
  • WPC display is very beautiful, and suitable for beautifying the house
  • Color is durable and does not fade quickly
  • 5-10 Year Product Warranty

Make your home floor nuanced wood by using Flooring products from Asri Wood, an alternative wood product, which is strong and easy to use. In addition to being strong and easy to use, Kayu Asri's flooring products can give an elegant wooden floor appearance to all interior and exterior spaces. This product is the best and durable solution that can help high humidity areas free from insect and weathering attacks.
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