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WPC Wood Fencing

Rp. 199,000
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21 Sep 2021
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10 Pieces

Specification of WPC Wood Fencing

Product Specifications

Products of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) from the Indonesia PT. Beautiful Wood With the latest Tech Innovations JAPAN TECNOLOGY which can be used For Outdoor Spaces such as: page Terrace, swimming pool, Pier, waterfront, Zebra Cross, fences, walls, Gazebos, partitions, ceiling, floor and Celling etc.

WPC products are used in lieu of wood, so that its use is More Durable to more than 25 years because of Anti Termite, Anti fungal, Anti Ultra Violet, resistant to weather, Anti Oxidant, Anti Air, heat-resistant, cost effective And Efficient care.


The Superiority Of Wood Plastic Composite:

× The Original Such As Wood

Wood Plastic Composite wood replacement alternative material is innovative, and environmentally friendly. Made of teak wood powder 60%, 30% plastic HDPE, and 10% of environmentally friendly chemicals with original wooden-like form.

× Anti Termite

Not uncommon beautyyour dwelling that uses the application of wood damaged by Termites. Therefore Wood Plastic Composite present alternative material to be a substitute for wood, who owns the beauty of wood without having to fear was damaged by Termites.


× Fire Resistant

The beauty of the WPC products such as original wooden fitted with fire-resistant, making it suitable for Your Residence applied.

× Weather Resistant

It has an endurance of WPC productsagainst the heat. Very suitable for Residential exterior beautify You as well as anchoring the heat from the Sun. And not be afraid to be rotted by humidity.


× anti-fungal, Anti Air

PT Wood Beautiful Indonesia with WPC products presenting the product, Anti Termite, and Water by presenting JAPAN TECNOLOGY, so it will not cause the growth of termites, and this product is great for indoor or dioutdoor are applied.

× Efficient cost and time

With easy-to-install, resistant to termites, fire-retardant, anti-fungal, anti-uv and can cut you will save the cost and time for your residential applications.

Easy Care ×

The colors on the WPC is part of formulations on the Board so you no longer need to paint and oiling the Board, as well as for care products WPC is very easy.

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